The Stone Project

Stone and Bronze Sculpture
by Bernie Segal

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White Eagle, stone sculpture by Bernie Segal

Sculpture is a process whereby Form is revealed; not on the surface, but inside as if it were a living entity whose story may be revealed just as its mask is removed. Form is defined by light and shadow visually, but it is ultimately experienced, sensually in its discovery and its substance.

My aim is to approach each stone with respect for its unique qualities and to bring to each sculpture, my understanding and appreciation of Form, my sensitivity to the emotional potential, and my willingness to explore and expose both my self and the stone in the process - This site. I never try to duplicate what I have accomplished in my earlier works; each one becomes a new and separate experience.

My stone sculptures are original works of fine art, each one with its own unique and elegant character and personality. The Bear Series is a limited edition of original modern sculpture design in bronze. Please visit my gallery to view sculptures currently for sale.

Inquiries from private collectors, galleries, dealers, designers and architects are welcome.

Eternal, stone sculpture by Bernie Segal Evolution, stone sculpture by Bernie Segal Woman of Guernica, stone sculpture by Bernie Segal

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