The Stone Project

Stone and Bronze Sculpture
by Bernie Segal

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Heartsong view 1 Heartsong view 2
Heartsong (view 1) Heartsong (view 2)
Africana, bronze sculpture Max, black soapstone sculpture
14" H x 16" W
16" H x 16" W
Black Soapstone
Animus, Pink Alabaster sculpture Animus view 2

Animus (view 1)
25" H x 24" W
Pink Alabaster

Animus (view 2)
Eternal2, Italian Alabaster sculpture eternal2 close up Affectionate Forms view 3
eternal2 (front)
Italian Alabaster
Eternal2 (close view) Eternal2 (back view)
Affectionate Forms, Italian Alabaster sculpture Affectionate Forms view 2 Affectionate Forms view 3
Affectionate Forms (view 1)
26" H x 21" W
Italian Alabaster
Affectionate Forms (view 2) Affectionate Forms (view 3)
Generations - Father, Black Soapstone sculpture Generations - Grandparent, Black Soapstone Generations - Parent Child, Black Soapstone
Generations  - Father
Black Soapstone
27"H x 20"W x 11"
Generations - Grandparent Generations - Parent Child
Family Gathering, Carrara Marble sculpture White Eagle, Carrara Marble sculpture Do Not Go Gently, Bronze sculpture
Family Gathering
12" H x 14" W
Carrara Marble
White Eagle
20" H x 30" L
Carrara Marble
Do Not Go Gently
21" H
Origins, Black Soapstone sculpture Origins view 2 Stone People, Onyx sculpture
Origins (view 1)
27" H x 19" W
Black Virginia Soapstone
Origins (view 2) Stone People
24" H x 14" W
La Famiglia, Variegated Soapstone sculpture La Famiglia view 2 African Venus - Teak wood sculpture by Bernie Segal
La Famiglia (view 1)
26" H x 18" W
Variegated California Soapstone
La Famiglia (view 2) African Venus
4Ft. High
Teak wood
Sasha, White Alabaster sculpture Sasha, White Alabaster sculpture Sasha, White Alabaster sculpture
Sasha (the bear)
16" H x 22" L x 11" W
White Alabaster
Sasha (view 2) Sasha (view 3)
Venus and Mars, Pink Alabaster sculpture Venus and Mars, Pink Alabaster sculpture Venus and Mars, Pink Alabaster sculpture
Venus and Mars
22" H x 24" L x 18" H
Pink Alabaster
Venus and Mars (view 2) Venus and Mars (view 3)
Woman of Guernica, Montana Soapstone sculpture Sirens, Montana Soapstone sculpture Mischa
Woman of Guernica
9.4" H x 5" W
Montana Soapstone
20" H x 25" W
Montana Soapstone
Colorado Grey Alabaster
16"H x 24"L
Boris, black bear sculpture in black Virginia Soapstone Boris view 2 Boris view 3
Boris (view 1)
14" H x 26" L
Black Virginia Soapstone
Boris (view 2) Boris (view 3)
Ursa Major, black bear sculpture in Bronze   Ursa Minor, bronze bear sculpture group
Ursa Major
14" H x 26" W
  Ursa Minor Group
Ursa Minor closeup   Ursa Minor closeup
Ursa Minor (view 1)
7" H x 14" W
  Ursa Minor (view 2)
5" H x 9" W


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